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Mad Hatter Tea Party Cake

Posted on Dec 29, 2018 | 0 comments

Mad Hatter Tea Party Cake

A Mad Hatter Tea Party Cake beyond imagination!

The Mad Hatter has invited you all to a celebration that is beyond imagination.

With cake of varied flavours and with the wildest characters ever been seen this side of Alice’s Looking Glass, all guests will be

transported via the rabbit hole to a place that no one will forget.

As for the cake itself, it will be an experience beyond even Lewis Carroll could even invent.

Everything is edible!

So if you’re looking for a Melbourne based cake shop to craft your Mad Hatter Tea Party cake, look no further than Adisa Cakes.

Adisa Cakes specialises in custom cakes from hand from raw ingredients.

This is a  birthday cake for Charles on his sixtieth celebration.

Finally, you will not be disappointed in the result.

Contact us at:

  • Here – on the contact page
  • Email –
  • By phone or SMS at 0457 827 075
  • facebook messaging at

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